Kayaks in Ecuador!

Dozens of colorful kayaks stored in shed.We work hard to keep a large fleet of modern whitewater kayaks in Ecuador. We have over fifty kayaks here at Cabañas Tres Rios, the largest selection in the country. You will find creek boats, play boats and river runners so you can choose the right boat for each days adventure. We are constantly updating our fleet of kayaks so let us know what your would like to see. If you don’t see the boat you would like then ask us and we will try and locate one for you.

Without our industry sponsors none of this would be possible, so a huge shout of appreciations to Jackson, Dagger, Liquid Logic and Pyranha.

The current list of kayaks is as follows:

Make Model Year
Bliss-Stick Scud gulf war
Bliss-Stick Mystic timeless
Dagger Kingpin 6.3 (red) 2003
Dagger Mamba Creeker 7.6 (lime green) 2015
Dagger Mamba Creeker 8.1 (lime green) 2015
Dagger Mamba Creeker 8.1 (blue) 2015
Dagger Mamba Creeker 8.6 (blaze orange) 2016
Dagger Nomad 8.1 (orange) 2009
Dagger Nomad 8.1 (green) 2013
Dagger Nomad 8.5 (red/yellow) 2013
Jackson Hero (green) 2011
Jackson Super Hero 2013
Jackson Super Hero (green) 2011
Jackson Super Hero (yellow)
Jackson Super Star (green/White) 2011
Jackson Super Star (yellow) older
Jackson Karma Sm (green) 2014
Jackson Karma Md (red/white) 2013
Jackson Karma Md (red) 2014
Jackson Karma Md (red) 2014
Jackson Karma Md (red) 2015
Jackson Karma Lg (tie-dye) 2016
Jackson Villian (yellow) 2011
Jackson Villian (white) 2012
Liquid Logic Braap 69 (green) 2015
Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel 85 (road cone) 2015
Liquid Logic Jefe Chico (white) 2008
Liquid Logic Jefe Chico (blue) 2010
Liquid Logic Jefe (yellow) 2006
Liquid Logic Remix 59 (red/black) 2011
Liquid Logic Remix 69 (blue/white) 2015
Liquid Logic Stomper 90 (green) 2014
Pyranha Ammo (blue/black) older
Pyranha 9R (yellow jaffa-white) 2015
Pyranha Burn Sm (green/black) 2013 G2
Pyranha Burn Md (yellow) 2007 G1
Pyranha Burn Md (orange) 2012 G2
Pyranha Burn Md (orange/yellow) 2014 G3
Pyranha Burn Md (blue/white) 2011 G2
Pyranha Burn Md (black/green) 2012 G2
Pyranha Burn Lg (yellow/orange) 2011 G2
Pyranha Burn Lg (blue/white) 2011 G2
Pyranha Burn Lg (yellow/orange) 2013 G2
Pyranha Shiva Sm (black/green) 2013
Pyranha Shiva Md (blue/white) 2012
Pyranha Shiva Md (orange) 2012
Wave Sport EZG 50 (red) 2005
Wave Sport Fuse 56 (yellow/orange) 2008
Wave Sport Diesel 60 (green) 2011
Wave Sport Diesel 70 (red/white/blue) 2009
Wave Sport Diesel 80 (orange/yellow) 2009
Wave Sport Habitat 74 (red) 2011
Wave Sport Habitat 74 (red) 2012
Wave Sport Habitat 80 (red) 2011
Wave Sport Recon 83 (black/yellow) 2013
Zet Veloc (yellow) 2013